Fletcher, Catherine

Professor of History

Manchester Metropolitan University, United Kingdom

United Kingdom

Max Weber alumnus

Department of History and Civilization

Cohort(s): 2010/2011

Ph.D. Institution

Royal Holloway, University of London , United Kingdom


My research interests cover the social, political and cultural history of Renaissance and early modern Europe, with particular reference to diplomacy and diplomatic practices. My current project examines ‘Our men in Rome: ambassadors and agents at the papal court, c. 1450-1530’. I am also interested in the ways early modern history is presented by the heritage industry and in popular media and literature.
I completed a Ph.D. in History at Royal Holloway, University of London, in 2008, and have held fellowships at the Institute of Historical Research and the British School at Rome. My thesis, supervised by Professor Sandra Cavallo, was titled ‘Renaissance Diplomacy in Practice: the case of Gregorio Casali, England’s ambassador to the papal court, 1525-33’. I also have a first-class degree in Politics and Communication Studies, and worked for several years in politics and journalism before beginning doctoral research.
I have published in the Bollettino Storico Piacentino and Renaissance Studies, and recently co-edited a journal special edition on Italian ambassadorial networks in early modern Europe (now with reviewers). I am completing a book that draws on my doctoral and postdoctoral research, and have been invited to contribute chapters to three forthcoming essay collections.

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