Gobbato, Marco

Legal Consultant

Legal Consultant, Italy


Max Weber alumnus

Department of Law

Cohort(s): 2010/2011

Ph.D. Institution

University of Siena, Italy


My research interests are in Private Law, Contract Law and the Law and Economics of Contracts. Since 2004 I have focussed my research activity on inter-firm networks. I have participated in some empirical research on networks among firms in several industries. The last of these concerned the wine sector (at national and European level).
I hold a degree in Economics (2003, University of Trento) and a Ph.D. in Law and Economics (2008, University of Siena). The title of my Ph.D. thesis is ‘The Contract and the Transfer of Knowledge’. In my thesis I dealt with the transfer of knowledge within the contractual relationships among firms concerning the production and distribution of goods and services.
I have been appointed as tutor of courses of Private Law and Private Law and Economics at the University of Trento since 2004 and, in the last academic year (2009-2010), I have been in charge of teaching the course of Inter-firm Contract Law at the Faculty of Economics (University of Trento). I have also been granted two annual research fellowships in Private Law by the Department of Legal Sciences (University of Trento).
I have published articles on Contract Law, Law and Economics, mainly as book chapters. I have given talks on Contract Law and Inter-firm Networks. The latest one is on, ‘Long-term relationships, networks and exchange of knowledge in production and distribution contracts’, delivered at the SECOLA Conference held in Florence in June 2009.

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