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Schroth, Josef

Principal Economist

Bank of Canada, Canada



Max Weber alumnus

Department of Economics

Cohort(s): 2011/2012

Ph.D. Institution

University of California, Los Angeles , United States


Prior to joining the European University Institute as a Max Weber Fellow I was a graduate student in the Department of Economics at the University of California Los Angeles. There I completed my doctoral dissertation, 'Essays on Banking Regulation, Capital Flows, and Monetary Policy Coordination', under the guidance of Christian Hellwig. I was a teaching assistant holding discussion sessions in microeconomics (undergraduate) and macroeconomics (undergraduate and graduate). I also taught two summer courses in intermediate macroeconomics.
I graduated from the University of Southampton (UK) with a M.Sc. in Economics and Econometrics, and earned a Pre-diploma in Business Adminstration from Goethe University in Frankfurt (Germany).
My research interests are in the area of macroeconomics, monetary economics, international economics, and corporate finance.
To date, my research has focused specifically on the regulation of financial intermediaries. In particular, I am interested in how far the behavior of financial intermediaries contributes to making financial crises more severe via a pecuniary externality in the market for loans to firms. I am also interested in how monetary and fiscal policy is coordinated across countries. My third point of focus in the field of macroeconomics concerns the interaction of international capital flows with the (uninsured) income risk they create in developing countries. In the field of corporate finance I am interested in how an executive's role in communicating with stock market participants affects executive compensation and firm performance over time.
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