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Mary Hillman, Jennifer

United Kingdom

Max Weber alumnus

Department of History and Civilization

Cohort(s): 2012/2013

Ph.D. Institution

University of Tork, United Kingdom


I received my B.A. in History from the University of York in 2007 where I also completed an M.A. in Early Modern History in the Department of History. In 2008 I began working on my doctoral thesis, which was funded by the UK Arts and Humanities Research Council: ‘Pious Sociability and the Spiritual Elite in Seventeenth-Century France, c.1650 – 1680.’ I was awarded a Doctoral Research Fellowship by the York Humanities Research Centre for the final year of my research and completed the thesis in December 2011.
Since then, I have been co-teaching modules on the European Witch Craze and the German Reformation at York and working as a researcher at the University of Central Lancashire.
The projects which I plan to develop during my time at the EUI include one examining the relationship between French female penitents and their male spiritual directors, and another investigating the culture of retreat at French aristocratic estates. More broadly, my research interests include the social and cultural history of the Catholic Reformation in Europe and the history of elite sociability in early modern France.
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