Bottalico, Barbara

Attorney at law

, Italy


Max Weber alumnus

Department of Law

Cohort(s): 2014/2015

Ph.D. Institution

University of Trento, Italy


I graduated JD magna cum laude from the Law Faculty of the University of Pavia, Italy.
In 2009 I was appointed Scholarship Fellow at the European Centre for Law, Science and New Technologies ECLT, University of Pavia.
From 2010 to 2013, I conducted my PhD research at the Doctoral School in Comparative and European Legal Studies at the University of Trento, Italy; in 2011 I spent two semesters as a visiting PhD student at the Brooklyn Law School, New York, USA.
In my dissertation, I studied the interaction between neuroscience, behavioural genetics and the law in comparative perspective. I defended my PhD in April 2013.
In general, my research interests include the relationship between law, science and new technologies, with a focus on constitutionally protected rights in a comparative perspective.
I have taught at the University of Pavia and the University of Milan; my expertise for teaching includes courses on Constitutional Law, Biolaw, Law and Neuroscience.
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