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Stevens, Simon

Lecturer in International History

University of Sheffield, United Kingdom

United Kingdom

Max Weber alumnus

Department of History and Civilization

Cohort(s): 2015/2016

Ph.D. Institution

Columbia University, United States


I carried out my PhD research in the Department of History at Columbia University in New York. Previously I received my BA and MPhil in History from the University of Cambridge. I was a Choate Memorial Fellow at Harvard University, and held pre-doctoral fellowships at the Center for the US and the Cold War at New York University and the Miller Center for Public Affairs at the University of Virginia.
I will submit my dissertation in August 2015. Entitled ‘Strategies of Struggle: Boycotts, Sanctions, and the War Against Apartheid,’ my dissertation analyzes the role in the strategy and tactics of the global anti-apartheid movement of campaigns for consumer, sports, and cultural boycotts, governmental trade sanctions, and corporate disinvestment,.  Drawing on multi-archival research in South Africa, the United States, Britain, Ghana, Zambia, and elsewhere, I seek to ‘de-naturalize’ the choices opponents of apartheid inside and outside South Africa made about the forms of international pressure that would best contribute to their struggle. I explore the multiple shifts in how the core constituents of the anti-apartheid movement believed apartheid might be ended, and how various forms of international action might best contribute to that end.
In general my research interests include transnational activism and activist movements, African political and diplomatic history, American foreign relations, Britain's post-imperial international relations, decolonization, the Cold War, internationalisms, human rights, and humanitarianism. While a doctoral candidate I served as a Teaching Fellow on courses in international, African, and American history.
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