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Odermatt, Jed

Lecturer in Law

University of London, City Law School, United Kingdom


Max Weber alumnus

Department of Law

Cohort(s): 2015/2016

Ph.D. Institution

University of Leuven, Belgium


I was a PhD researcher in law at the University of Leuven, and a Junior Researcher at the Leuven Centre for Global Governance Studies. I defended my PhD thesis in 2015. My research interests focus on public international law, the law of international organizations, and the interactions between the EU and the international legal order.
My doctoral research, under the supervision of Prof. Jan Wouters, examines the European Union from an international law perspective. It looks at how international law applies to the European Union when it acts on the international plane. It examines inter alia the EU and the law of treaties, the EU in international organizations, and the international responsibility of the EU. I have also conducted research on the EU and human rights, including the EU’s accession to the European Convention on Human Rights.
My research has been published in a number of journals including the New York University Journal of International Law & Politics and the  Journal of International Economic Law.  I took part in a study for the European Parliament on ‘The Organisation and Functioning of the European External Action Service: Achievements, Challenges and Opportunities’. I am also a Managing Editor of ‘International Law in European Courts’ for the Oxford Reports on International Law. In 2014-15 I undertook a research stay at the Lauterpacht Centre for International Law, University of Cambridge.
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