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Afesorgbor, Sylvanus

Assistant Professor

University of Guelph, Canada



Max Weber alumnus

Robert Schuman Centre

Cohort(s): 2015/2016

Ph.D. Institution

Aarhus University, Denmark


I hold a PhD from Aarhus University, Denmark and my thesis is titled ‘Essays on International Economics and Development’.  My research interests are in the areas of Economic Integration, International Trade, Development Aid, Economic Sanctions, Income Inequality and Applied Econometrics.  I obtained my BA in Economics and Statistics from the University of Ghana and an MA in Economics of Development from the International Institute of Social Studies (ISS) of Erasmus University, Netherlands.

My research has focused on the impact of economic integration on international trade and economic development from the perspective of developing countries. Specifically, I research multi-membership in regional blocs in Africa and its trade-impact. Additionally, I have looked at how granting preferential market access supported with development aid for trading activities can promote economic development in the South through the channel of increased exports to the North. I have also researched aid disaggregation by looking at how different types of aid can affect the within-country income distribution of the aid recipient countries. Currently, I am looking at how the imposition of economic sanctions affects income distribution within the targeted states.

I have presented research papers in a myriad number of international conferences such as the Sustainable Development Conference, Columbia University, New York City, USA (April 2015); European Trade Study Group, Munich, Germany (Sept 2014); International Network for Economic Research Workshop, Loughborough, UK (Jan 2014) and African Economic Conference, Johannesburg, South Africa (October 2013). I have published one journal article and four working papers within my PhD programme.

Within my PhD programme at Aarhus University, I was a lecturer for the course Trade and International  Economics at undergraduate level in Fall (2013 and 2014) and was teaching assistant for the following courses:  Microeconomics at undergraduate level (Fall 2013), Business Strategy/Game Theory (Spring 2013) and Macroeconomics undergraduate level (Spring 2013). Before the start of my PhD, I was a Research Fellow/Lecturer at the University of Professional Studies, Accra, Ghana, where I taught several courses in Economics and Statistics and I was a Course Instructor for Advanced Excel and Data Analysis at graduate level, ISS, Erasmus University, Netherlands.
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