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Kedem, Nadav

Research Fellow

The University of Haifa, Israel


Max Weber alumnus

Robert Schuman Centre

Cohort(s): 2015/2016

Ph.D. Institution

The University of Haifa, Israel


I hold a PhD in International Relations from the University of Haifa (Israel). My dissertation focuses on status-seeking, mostly in the context of German foreign policy after the Cold War. After completing my PhD, I was a visiting scholar at the Hebrew University and the Bundeswehr University (Munich).
My research revolves around the study of status as a major motivation shaping states’ foreign policy, focusing on various European states as well the EU. In this regard, I am especially interested in status-seeking by declining powers and small states, as well as status as a motivation for military humanitarian intervention.
During my PhD studies, I have served as a Neubauer Research Fellow at the Institute for National Security Studies (INSS). At the INSS, I focused on EU-Israeli relations as a part of a large project commissioned by the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
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