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Klein, Steven

Lecturer of Political Theory

King's College London, United Kingdom



Max Weber alumnus

Department of Political and Social Sciences

Cohort(s): 2016/2017

Ph.D. Institution

University of Chicago, United States


I am a political theorist who works primarily on democratic theory and European intellectual history, especially of 19th- and 20th-century Germany.

I completed my PhD at the University of Chicago (2016) with a dissertation that examines the democratic and participatory potential of political struggles over social welfare institutions and policies. My research interests include the history of democratic ideas and practices, theories of the welfare state, post-Kantian German political philosophy, theories of domination, and critical approaches to political economy and capitalism.

As a Max Weber Fellow, I will expand my current project to consider its implications for contemporary debates over the future of the welfare state in post-industrial societies. I will also begin new research on the history of populist critiques of representative democracy.

I graduated with a BA in Political Science (Honours) from the University of British Columbia and an MA from the University of Chicago. I have been a visiting researcher at the Universität Bremen and held fellowships from the SSHRC and the Mellon Foundation. My work has appeared in the American Political Science Review and is forthcoming in the Journal of Politics.

I am currently interested in teaching classes on democratic theory, theories of domination, and representative government and its critics.
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