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Lagioia, Francesca

Adjunct Professor

University of Bologna, Italy


Max Weber alumnus

Department of Law

Cohort(s): 2017/2018

Ph.D. Institution

University of Bologna , Italy


Francesca Lagioia’s research interests lie at the intersection of law and computer science, with a focus on the legal issues related to the development of artificial intelligence systems.She is also interested in Legal Informatics, especially artificial intelligence & law, normative agents and software agents, legal theory, computable models of legal reasoning and knowledge; and  Computer Law, in particular privacy and data protection, intellectual property, open-source and creative commons, and e-commerce.In March 2016, she earned a PhD in Legal Informatics and ICT Law from the University of Bologna with a thesis on Criminal Liability and Automation in E-health.Since 2012, Francesca has been working on Artificial Intelligence and Law. In particular, her research addressed a whole range of issues relating to the liability that arises when we rely on autonomous artificial intelligence systems.At the beginning of 2015 she joined the team behind the ALIAS II project (Addressing the Liability Impact of Automated Systems), co-financed by EUROCONTROL. The project was devoted to the study of the liability implications of automation in complex sociotechnical systems, focusing on Air Traffic Management (ATM) and Aviation.As a Max Weber Fellow Francesca will focus on criminal liability and artificial autonomous entities.On the one hand, she will address the problem of how liability for highly automated artificial intelligence systems should be ascribed in complex socio-technical context, while on the other she will focus on the regulation and governance of such systems.
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