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Pram, Kym

Assistant Professor in Economics

University of Nevada, Reno, United States


New Zealand

Max Weber alumnus

Department of Economics

Cohort(s): 2016/2017, 2017/2018

Ph.D. Institution

Northwestern University, United States


I am an economist with broad research interests in microeconomic theory and game theory.In May 2016 I completed my PhD at Northwestern University, where I have been studying since 2010. The main chapter of my dissertation focuses on the welfare effects of evidence, hard information which the holder can choose whether or not to disclose, for example genetic tests used in insurance contracts. I have also worked on robustness of equilibrium and implementation theory. New research projects that I hope to focus on during my time as a Max Weber Fellow include work on costly communication, information acquisition in games, and optimal taxation.I have worked as a teaching assistant both at Northwestern and during my earlier studies at the University of Auckland, New Zealand. The bulk of my teaching experience has been for courses in microeconomic theory (at both the undergraduate and graduate levels) but I have also taught in other areas such as public economics and American economic history.
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