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Kantenga, Kory


Cornerstone Research, United States


United States

Max Weber alumnus

Department of Economics

Cohort(s): 2017/2018, 2018/2019

Ph.D. Institution

University of Pennsylvania , United States


Kory Kantenga is an Economics PhD from the University of Pennsylvania.
He focuses on labour economics using applied econometrics and quantitative macroeconomic tools. His research interests centre on understanding the sources of changes in the wage structure, and the role of general equilibrium effects in applied contexts.
His dissertation examines the impact of changes in skill demands on job and wage polarization and the impact of technological change on wage inequality. This work uses job search models and much of this work applies search theory to distill the origins of disparities like wage inequality.
During the Max Weber Fellowship, Kory is working on search theory applications aimed at understanding the role of moral hazard in explaining rising HIV prevalence and the efficacy of preventative HIV drugs, and the role of unemployment benefits in crime prevention/proliferation.
He has taught many undergraduate courses on statistics for economists and econometric principles. His industry work experience includes building microeconometric tools for an economics consulting firm and country-based macro research at an international organization.
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