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Andersson, Per

Postdoctoral Fellow

Stockholm University, Sweden


Max Weber alumnus

Department of Political and Social Sciences

Cohort(s): 2017/2018, 2018/2019

Ph.D. Institution

Lund University , Sweden


Per Andersson is a political scientist interested in the historical coevolution of political institutions and taxation.  In particular, he focuses on the historical link between government budgets and democratization, and how different forms of democracy affect the way ideology has an impact on tax systems. His research is also concerned with how constitutions affect the capacity of governments to invest in the future and cope with urgent crises.
During his Fellowship he seeks to develop a measure of redistribution based on government budgets (both taxation and spending), making it possible to compare long-term changes in government redistribution in a number of countries from as far back as the nineteenth century. His ambition is to use this dataset to reexamine the link between inequality and democratization.
He has taught research design and quantitative methods in political science and peace and conflict studies at the bachelor and masters level. He has also supervised a number of bachelor and masters theses in political science and peace and conflict studies.
He received his BA in Political Science and Economics (2009), Masters degrees in Business and Economics (2010) and in Political Science (2012) from Uppsala University, and a PhD in Political Science from Lund University (2017). He spent Trinity term of 2016 as a Junior Visiting Scholar at Nuffield College, Oxford University.

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