Pierre Werner Chair Programme

Chair holder: Ramon Marimon

The Robert Schuman Centre hosts the Pierre Werner Chair Programme on Monetary Union, named in memory of Pierre Werner, one of the architects of economic and monetary union, and generously funded by the Luxembourg Government.

The principal focus of the programme is economic policy and the political economy of European monetary integration. The programme aims at identifying policy priorities consistent with the new European economic constitution, as well as the factors that can foster economic growth and prosperity in a stable macroeconomic environment at both regional and global level.

The members of the Advisory Board of the Programme are:


  • Economic governance in the European Union
  • Enlargement of the European Union and the adaptations implied both for the arrangements for economic and monetary union and for the future member states
  • The economic and political requirements and consequences of a revised Stability and Growth Pact
  • Public finance issues in the context of EMU
  • The growth and development of European financial institutions
  • The regulation and operations of financial markets in the European Union
  • The design of monetary stabilization policies, goals and instruments - with a comparative analysis of the experience of the European Central Bank, the US Federal Reserve system
  • The economic and institutional consequences of the Euro in the world monetary system.

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Chair Holder

Marimon7Ramon Marimon


Sarah St John

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