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Lessons from the Euro’s First 25 Years

Reflecting on economic achievements and integration challenges with Marco Buti and Giancarlo Corsetti.

06 February 2024 | Publication

Lessons from the Euro First 25 Years

Before the debut of the Euro as the European single currency in January 1999, its creators envisioned a future marked by macroeconomic stability and heightened growth. Although the Euro has fulfilled certain aspects of this vision, it has fallen short in fostering the economic and political integration of the continent.

As the Euro marks its 25th anniversary, a milestone that has largely gone unnoticed, it presents an ideal occasion to evaluate the present condition of this monumental monetary experiment.

Read the full article on Project Syndicate, written by Marco Buti (Tommaso Padoa-Schioppa Chair) and Giancarlo Corsetti (Pierre Werner Chair), promoters of the EMU Lab.

As part of the EMU Lab webinar series, Buti and Corsetti will also present their paper on 20 February (12:00 - 13:00). Register and join the discussion.

Last update: 07 February 2024

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