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Library Secure Data Room

Support for Access to and Use of Sensitive Data for Research Using the Secure Data Room, Badia Library Booking the SDR


The Library provides support for EUI members intending to use highly restricted data. Some data providers request guarantees of extra security measures for access to, and use of, sensitive data. The Library provides support with data access applications, contract workflow and access to the secure data room. Send the following information to [email protected]

- Name of data issuer/publisher

- Title of dataset, with internet link (if available)

- Names of all EUI and external research team members, with email contacts

- What special conditions are required for access to the data (eg. remote protocol)?

- What special condidtions are required for use of the data?

- Does the data issuer require a contract counter-signature from the EUI Data Protection Officer?

- Does the data issuer require that the data be used in the EUI's Secure Data Room?

- Does the data issuer require that the data be used on a stand-alone, off-line computer?

- For projects with non-EUI collaborators: What controller/processing operations will be undertaken by research partners?

▪ Some data providers require EUI Ethics Committee approval and/or DPO oversight. The Principal Investigator should initiate the request.

▪ If required by the data issuer, the ICT Data Security Officer can provide a description of ICT security protocols and infrastructure: [email protected]


▪ The Secure Data Room, BF-169, is located on the upper floor of the Library, Badia Fiesolana.


▪  The Secure Data Room (BF-169) is located on the upper floor of the Library, Badia Fiesolana. The Room is only accessible to EUI scholars who are using data provided by data providers whose access contracts explicitly require that their data be accessed and used in a locked room and/or require other restricted physical, or additional network access protocols. The room is not for 'general' data access and use.


▪ The names of scholars who are authorised to access the Secure Data Room are indicated on the door label.  Only the users listed, and Library staff, can access the Room.


▪ New EUI data users who require access to the Secure Data Room, should send a copy of their data access contract to [email protected]


▪ Authorised users can book a computer (Monday to Saturday) via this online form, selecting from workspaces #1, #2, #3 or #6.  (Workspaces #4 and #5 are reserved for designated datasets.)


▪ To access the Secure Data Room, scholars should enter the Library via the lower loggia; ascend to the first floor and show their EUI card at the Library Loan Desk, where the key will be issued. The key must be returned to the Loan Desk once the scholar has ended the period of use.


▪ Scholars are co-responsible for keeping the space accessible to authorised users only.  Scholars cannot access the Secure Data Room accompanied, except by other researchers listed on the door label.

▪  For support, write to [email protected]

Book the Secure Data Room

▪ Select from workspaces #1, #2 or #3
▪ (Workspaces #4, #5 and #6 are reserved for specific datasets.)

▪ Only EUI members who have already been approved for access to the SDR can register (see centre column)

▪ For assistance, write to Thomas Bourke at [email protected]




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Page last updated on 19 October 2022

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