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Support for Access to and Use of Sensitive Data at the EUI

▪ Write to [email protected] providing:

▪ Name of data issuer

▪ Title of dataset, with internet link (if available)

▪ Names of all project participants, with email contacts

▪ Details of access to, and use of, the data required:

○ Does the data issuer require a contract with the individual end-user(s)?
○ Does the data issuer require an institutional EUI contract ('guarantor') and/or signature of the EUI Data Protection Officer?
○ Are there special conditions regarding access to the data (eg. remote protocol)?
○ Are there special conditions regarding use of the data at the EUI?
○ Does the data issuer require that the data be used on a stand-alone, off-line computer?
○ Does the data issuer require that the data be used in a secured room?
○ Will any external project collaborators be working with the data? 
○ Are any other requirements stipulated by the data issuer?

▪ Some data providers require EUI Ethics Committee approval and/or DPO oversight. The Principal Investigator should initiate the request(s)

▪ For data which is financed by EUI Departmental or Centre budgets, the local Financial Manager should be informed

▪ If required by the data issuer, the ICT Data Security Officer can provide a description of ICT security protocols and infrastructure

▪ EUI members who require a secured room - or dedicated PC - to access and use data, should contact their local Departmental / Centre Administrator.




Page last updated on 10 February 2021