Information for France

No separate application is required. The application for admission to the EUI doctoral programme is automatically an application for national funding.

Critères d'éligibilité

  • Candidats de nationalité française.


  • Candidats titulaires d’un diplôme conférant le grade de licence ou le grade de master au sens de l’article L612-1 du code de l’éducation .

Salary and Allowances

Ph.D. applicants eligible for France who are admitted to the EUI doctoral programme, will receive an EUI contract of employment.

  • Salaire mensuel: 1.428 EUR.
  • Allocations familiales: oui.
  • Allocation voyage: oui.
  • Assurance-maladie: oui. 

The French funding authority funds the first three years of EUI Ph.D. Programme. The fourth year is funded by the EUI (the authority provides a top-up contribution).

Funding Authority





  • Bureau des Admissions, Service Académique
  • tél. +39-055.4685.373
  • e-mail:  [email protected]

Page last updated on 22 February 2021

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