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How to Apply

The annual deadline is 25 October. 

Application Form – Register Early, Submit by the Deadline

Applications must be submitted through the Online Application Form.

There are two distinct phases in the application process:

1. Register your application as early as possible

You are encouraged to register your application, by inserting your personal details and referee details as soon as possible. This is important to allow sufficient time for your referees to submit the reference letters before the deadline. References will not be accepted after the deadline.

2. Submit your application by the deadline 25 October

Once you have registered your application you may continue to work on the application details and attachments until the deadline of 25 October. Submit the application only when you have filled in all the information correctly and have successfully uploaded the final version of the attachments.

Applications Deadline

The deadline for applications was 25 October 2020 at 24:00 - it is no longer possible to apply

Requested Documents

  • Prepare your CV with a list of publications in PDF.
  • Prepare a letter of motivation (1-2 pages) in PDF.
  • Prepare a research proposal (2-4 pages) in PDF.

Please use standard international fonts, do not use macros, special characters, password-protection, electronic signatures or logos.

Letters of References

  • Applicants should provide the names of two academic referees and ensure that the letters of reference are submitted online directly by the referees by the deadline 25 October. References will not be accepted after the deadline. References from current full-time or part-time EUI professors will not be accepted.

Your referees will be contacted and will be allowed to submit the reference only after you have completed and registered the first step of the online application form including the names and contact details of referees. In order to receive the references in time by the deadline, you should register the referee details as soon as possible . This is possible any time and you do not yet need to submit the final version of your application at that time.

When you register your referees' contact details in the online application form, an email requesting a reference on your behalf is automatically sent to the referees you have nominated. Nevertheless, it is your responsibility to contact referees directly to inform them of your request, to verify that they have received the email request and to ensure that they submit the reference by the deadline. Please note that reference letters can be submitted by the registered referees (before the deadline) even after you have submitted your application. Registered referees may also submit the reference letter via email, by contacting: [email protected].

Note for Referees

Once the candidate has registered the details of their referees, each referee will receive an e-mail with access details for submitting their reference letter online.

  • References should be submitted as PDF files. Please use standard international fonts, do not use macros, special characters, password-protection, electronic signatures or logos.
  • Do not send a hard copy.
  • You may write in a language other than English, but English will guarantee the widest possible reading.
  • References from current full-time or part-time EUI professors will not be accepted.
    • If in doubt or if you prefer to submit your reference letter by email, please contact: [email protected].

The deadline for submitting references is 25 October. Kindly note that the EUI encourages candidates to apply and register their referees as early as possible: the application process is open from early July to the 25 October deadline.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Should you need any further clarification on the application procedure please consult the FAQs page.

Selection Procedure

Candidates are selected by the Academic Staff of the RSCAS and their nomination  needs to be approved by the Executive Committee of the EUI. This decision is final and not subject to appeal. In case a reserve list is drawn up, places can be offered to reserve candidates if selected candidates do not accept the offer of a fellowship. 

Data protection policy

By registering/submitting application, you give your consent for processing the data as specified in the Privacy Statement for Application and Selection Procedures for EUI Post-Doctoral Programmes and in accordance with the EUI’s Data Protection Policy outlined in the EUI Data Protection Policy (Decision of the President No. 10 of 18 February 2019).


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