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Missions for Researchers (Ph.D. Students)

Each Department has a global allocation of funds to support researchers' missions during the calendar year. The sums available for individual researchers will differ according to departmental rules.

A researcher applying for funding must refer to his/her departmental rules or contact the Departmental Assistant.

The Mission Order Request must be completed, signed by the applicant, countersigned by the supervisor and handed in person to the Departmental Assistant.

All relevant documents required by the applicant's Department to justify the Mission Order Request (including registration fees) must be attached to the form before submitting it for approval by the Head of Department. 

Please note that as from May 2017 a policy to ensure the safety and security of Staff members and Researchers when they are on a mission has been approved. (EUI Policy on Risk Missions

For details see Principal's Decision no. 1/2016 regarding researchers travelling on research missions and the reimbursement of travel subsistence expenses to researcher candidates invited for an interview.

Downloading the Mission Order Request

  • Set the macro security to medium from Excel menu bar: Tools - Options - Security - Macro Security - Medium
  • Create a new directory on your personal computer: G: Missions
  • Download the Mission Order Request
  • Save the request form to your local directory G: Missions (or if the Excel file is automatically opened, select 'File' and 'Save as' to G: Missions)
  • Fill in the request form on your personal computer

Page last updated on 07 March 2019