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Frequently Asked Questions

Financial Procedures

Please see the web page Missions for Teaching and Administrative Staff, Research Assistants and Fellows for information on the procedure.

Please read the information available on the web page Missions of Researchers.

If your mission is cancelled, inform the financial management team as soon as possible, specifying which cost will have to be covered by the EUI. As the EU funded projects do not cover penalty costs, it is important to get in touch with your financial management team ([email protected]) to see where the expenses should be charged.

An authorized visitor is entitled to:

  • reimbursement of travel expenses on the basis of the most appropriate and cost-effective means of transport to and from the EUI
  • daily subsistence allowance(s) in the form of a flat-rate payment to cover accommodation, meals and occasional local expenses following a set ceiling

For more information on the procedure, rules and forms, please see the web page Visitors.

To have your eligible costs reimbursed, you will be invited to fill in a request for reimbursement available online. The request must be made within four months following the date of your visit.

For more information, please see the web page Visitors.

Provided that the cost estimate is included in the thesis defence, a candidate is eligible for a reimbursement. 

For more information please see the web page Visitors.

Yes, members of thesis defence committees are entitled to reimbursement of costs related to a visit up to ceilings approved by the President. 

For more information please check the page Visitors.

You must obtain prior authorization from your Head of Department/Service. For more information on the required internal-external participants' ratio and the signatures needed for authorisation, please see the President's Decision no. 08/08 and the Administrative Procedures Handbook on this webpage.

Please read the information in the Administrative Procedures Handbook (Events Organisation chapter) available on this webpage.

For information related to conference equipment, please see the webpage Room Bookings & Conference Equipment.


Traineeships and Researcher Jobs at the EUI

a) Small jobs under the ‘200 hours rules’ (Italian legislation decreto 29 marzo 2012, n. 68) are reserved for those who have the ‘status’ of a researcher. The total of these small jobs cannot exceed 200 hours work per academic year (01.09.-31.08.) and the amount is paid before taxes. However, please check with your departments’ policy regarding the number of hours to be worked.

b) In the 1st and 2nd year, a researcher is only allowed to take up this type of job; after the 2nd year, besides the ‘200 hours’ contract, a researcher may also accept other statutory contracts (academic collaborator contract and research assistant contract).

Please see the chapter on academic assistants/academic contract collaborators in the Administrative Procedures Handbook available on this webpage for overview. Details for each type of contract can be provided by Human Resources.

If such a need occurs, please contact immediately the administrative assistant of your unit.


Externally Funded Projects and Activities

The EUI financial regulations and administrative rules apply here. In addition, special conditions and requirements (regarding personnel costs, research missions, equipment, etc.) of the funding organisation must be followed.

The budget items granted by the funding organisation should be strictly respected. Only expenses directly related to the project and incurred during its course can be charged to it.

For multiannual projects, the funds available (not committed) at the end of a financial year are carried over to the next financial year.

You should contact the Research Support that can assist you with fundraising activities. In particular, it can give you a general piece of advice or help you to deal with all administrative and financial forms and requirements necessary for the application (preparation of project budget, online submission of application, obtaining necessary supporting documents and signatures, etc.).

Once the funding organisation formally confirms the grant (for example through the signature of a Grant Agreement), you can start using project funds.

The project is managed by the Research Support or by the Teaching and Research Sector that are responsible for commitments and payments of all project activities. The Research Support takes care of financial reporting and payment requests.


VAT and Taxes

The EUI is exempt from the VAT for amounts exceeding €300. All invoices addressed to the EUI must contain the following sentence regarding the VAT exemption:

For Italy: “Operazione non imponibile ai sensi dell’art. 72, comma 1, lett. e), e comma 2 del D.P.R. 26/10/1972, no. 633.”

For other EU countries: “VAT exempt according to (Directive 2006/112/EC - Article 151 – and Directive 2008/118/EC - Article 13).”

If you are an administrative or teaching staff, please request the certificate from the Human Resources Service. Researchers and fellows with the same request, should contact the General Administration.

In some cases, companies from abroad might ask for a ‘VAT and Excise Duty Exemption Certificate’ which, when necessary, the EUI can provide.

For help and more information on the matter, please contact [email protected].


Travel Agency

a. Every hotel booking directly paid by the EUI must go through the EUI’s internal Travel Agency. You cannot book a hotel by yourself and ask for reimbursement by the EUI afterwards. The Travel Agency must be the intermediary between the EUI and the external hotels.

b. Upon your request, the Travel Agency will provide you with the hotel availability, its prices, its terms of option and cancellation policy.

c. In your request you should also inform/negotiate with the Travel Agency about the type of service requested (i.e., normal accommodation or accommodation plus request). On this point, please consult question n. 4.

a. In your request for availability or quotation for a hotel booking, you should indicate the following details: hotel category, location, check-in and check-out dates, type of room and number of rooms.

b. The Travel Agency provides you with a confirmation, cancellation policy, deadline for releasing unbooked rooms, deadline for final rooming list (which varies from hotel to hotel) and a voucher (where required).

a. When you confirm your hotel booking, you need to send along the following details: fund and commitment number, hotel chosen, type of rooms, number of rooms.

a. In a normal accommodation request (which involves a fee) the requester should follow the following procedure on three different dates: 1) first check of rooms booked 2) final check of the rooming list withing the deadline 3) after the deadline, the hotel applies penalties.
N.B. Neither the hotel nor the travel agency need updates in any other moments, unless you have requests for additional rooms or unbook some rooms.

b. For the accommodation plus (which involves a higher service fee including a percentage on the total booking cost), EUI members can communicate rooming variations to the travel agency at any time. The Travel Agency tracks the constant updates of the rooming list and offers customer service to the guests in all stages of the booking.

Yes, you may contact the Travel Agency for a restaurant booking. This procedure is recommended, but not compulsory.


Financial Management – Who Can Help Me?

Each Department, Centre and Programme has a dedicated mailbox to which you can send your requests regarding internally (departmental/lump sum) and externally funded projects:

Department of Economics

[email protected]

Department of History and Civilisation

[email protected]

Department of Law &

Academy of European Law

[email protected]

Department of Political and Social Sciences

[email protected]

Max Weber Programme

[email protected]

Robert Schuman Centre for Advanced Studies

[email protected]

School of Transnational Governance

[email protected]

Financial officers are also available to you at the EUI campus. For information on their office hours, please contact your functional mailbox.



Page last updated on 30 May 2022

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