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Thesis Prizes awarded to EUI Graduands

Posted on 13 June 2019

Congratulations to the three EUI graduands who received thesis prizes along with their Ph.D. degrees at the Conferring Ceremony on Friday 14 June.

Social and Political Sciences graduand Marco Valbruzzi was awarded the Linz/Rokkan Prize for the best doctoral thesis in the field of political sociology for his dissertation, Government alternation in Western Europe : a comparative exploration. Dr Valbruzzi wrote his thesis under the supervision of Professor Stefano Bartolini.

The prize committee said that they 'particularly admired the thoroughness and meticulousness of his conceptual work and analysis, and how he systematically builds up the conceptual and descriptive bivariate foundations before ending with an encompassing multivariate analysis.' They also commented that 'he tackles a very important topic and justifies his topic selection very well.'

Law graduand Afroditi-Ioanna Marketou won the Mauro Cappelletti Prize for the best doctoral thesis in the field of comparative law for her dissertation,  Local meanings of proportionality : judicial review in France, England and Greece.

The prize committee noted that her thesis 'makes an original contribution to the debate about the notion of proportionality and the cultural study of law more broadly', and that it 'it fills a gap in the writing about proportionality as a universalizing discourse'. Law Professor Bruno DeWitte supervised Marketou's thesis.

Law graduand Francesca Iurlaro was awarded the Antonio Cassese Prize for the best doctoral thesis in the field of international law for her thesis, Unpuzzling Customary International Law: The Invention of Customary Law of Nations from Francisco de Vitoria to Emer de Vattal.

The prize committee commented that her thesis 'explores patterns of customary law through careful and insightful historical analysis', and that they were 'unanimous in their view that this is work of high scholarly rigour and quality' in awarding her the prize. Dr Iurlaro wrote her thesis under the supervision of Professor Nehal Bhuta.

Congratulations to the winners, and to all of the EUI graduands who received their Ph. D. degrees at the Conferring Ceremony in the Badia Fiesolana’s Church.