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EUI and Andean Community foster learning across continents

Posted on 06 February 2020

The two international organisations will further mutual cooperation in what represents the EUI’s second official partnership in Latin America.

The Andean Community General Secretariat (ACGS) and the European University Institute (EUI) signed a partnership agreement this week to increase cooperation on research, policy dialogue, executive education, staff mobility and internships.


EUI President Renaud Dehousse, along with members of the STG management and staff, complete the Agreement via Skype.

EUI President Renaud Dehousse said: ‘In our rapidly changing world, international cooperation and transnational policy-making at various levels plays an increasingly central role. The study of these issues builds on solid partnerships across the globe. Both operating in the realm of regional integration processes, I am sure our partnership with the Andean Community will benefit researchers, students and communities, fostering the mutual learning and understanding between Latin America and Europe.’

ACGS General Secretary Jorge Hernando Pedraza added: ‘This agreement will allow the Andean Community to better prepare and train our people, acquiring more knowledge and establishing a close institutional link with the European University Institute.’

The ACGS is the executive body of the Andean Community, which has four member states (Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador and Peru), five associate member states and one observer member state. The Andean Community has been active in regional integration for the past 50 years. 

Established in 1972, the EUI is an intergovernmental institution involving 23 member states of the European Union, offering research and learning opportunities at the Ph.D., postdoctoral, master’s and executive training level.

On the side of the EUI, its School of Transnational Governance (STG) led the way to the new partnership. The STG provides training on policy-making beyond the state, with a particular focus on transnational cooperation outside the EU. The School is committed to train a new generation of transnational leaders and policy-makers through its new Master in Transnational Governance – starting in September 2020.