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Patrick George Zaky's arrest: Motion by the EUI community

Posted on 20 February 2020

Following the call of the University of Bologna, Amnesty International and the European Parliament, and the solidarity expressed by the European University Institute’s community, the below motion has been passed regarding the detention by the Egyptian authorities of Patrick Zaki, a young student funded by a European Union scholarship, enrolled since September 2019 in the GEMMA Erasmus Mundus Master’s Degree in Women’s and Gender Studies, at the University of Bologna.

 'We express serious concern for the ongoing detention of Patrick Zaki by the Egyptian authorities and for the human rights violations that he has been subjected to. The community of the European University Institute is committed to upholding the human and civil rights of students and scholars, including, crucially, freedom of thought and critical thinking. Patrick Zaki’s academic research and advocacy, focused on the protection of basic human rights and freedoms, fully embodies the shared values which are at the core of the EUI’s and the European Union’s missions.

 We hereby urge action on the call already issued by the European Parliament’s President, David Sassoli, for the Egyptian authorities to guarantee Patrick Zaki’s safety and ensure his immediate and unconditional release, so that he can resume his studies at the University of Bologna as soon as possible and pursue his academic career in freedom and safety. We also urge representatives of the European Union and all relevant authorities to continue monitoring this matter with close attention so that Patrick Zaki's fundamental rights are safeguarded from any further violations.'