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The EUI makes ties with the Caribbean: New Partnership with the University of the West Indies

Posted on 14 July 2020

The European University Institute (EUI) and the University of the West Indies (UWI) in the Caribbean signed a Memorandum of Understanding, establishing the first partnership for the EUI in this region of the world.

Like the EUI, the University of the West Indies is a regional higher education institution. It serves seventeen countries across five campuses  within the Caribbean region, including Antigua and Barbuda, the Bahamas, Barbados, Jamaica, and Trinidad & Tobago.

The UWI mission is to advance learning, create knowledge and foster innovation for the positive transformation of the Caribbean. Furthermore, the UWI is renowned for its record of training leaders in the region and beyond.

The partnership foresees collaboration in areas of study and research common to both institutions, with a view to focusing on sustainable development, multilateral trade, gender equality, security, environment and climate change, migration, energy, regional integration processes and transnational governance.

The agreement includes the establishment of a research centre, which shall help to promote inter-regional and intra-regional development and encourage discourse on how transnational and global issues impact the Caribbean region and Europe.

Moreover, the partners will promote visiting professorships, visiting fellowships, and the mobility of administrative staff in both institutions. They will establish a programme for the international mobility of Master’s students, and organise researcher exchanges at the doctoral and post-doctoral levels, joint executive education trainings and summer schools, joint workshops, collaborative projects and encourage the exchange of publications.

Given the importance of the Caribbean region for the EU, the EUI is delighted to announce this new partnership, which further extends its international reach.

The digital signing ceremony of the Partnership Agreement took place on 14 July 2020.

EUI UWI MOUEUI President Renaud Dehousse demonstrates the signed agreement to his partners at the University of the West Indies. Also pictured are Elena Asciutti and Bernard Hoekman, Dean of External Relations.

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