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EUI Closure 8 December

Posted on 07 December 2017

The Institute, except for the Library, will be closed on Friday 8 December (Feast of the Immaculate Conception).

PLEASE NOTE: on 8 December the Library will be open for EUI members only.

During the closure EUI members will be able to access all EUI buildings and internal car parks using their EUI ID card.

Please take note of the following:

  • doors are alarmed;
  • doors fitted with access control have no handles and can therefore be opened only by swiping your EUI ID card in the reader when entering or leaving through these access points;
  • anti-panic doors are alarmed and therefore, to avoid sounding the alarm, you must swipe your EUI ID card in the reader when entering or leaving through these access points.
  • Off-hours access might differ from daytime; detailed maps with highlighted access points are available at the following links:

Badia Fiesolana (including Villa Paola and Villa Sanfelice)

Villa Schifanoia (including Villino and Casale)

Villa Raimondi

Villa La Fonte

Convento San Domenico

Villa il Poggiolo

Villa Salviati

Researchers can access the working spaces in the upper cloister of the Badia Fiesolana, in the Gallery of Villa Salviati and in Villa la Fonte.  

Please note that heating systems will be operational all over the Campus.

The multi-function printers in the common areas are monitored remotely and the technician is authorized to intervene in case of blocking issues.

The ICT Service would like to inform users that during the closure all systems relating to the web, internet, VPN and home directories will be monitored. The webmail service will be always reachable from this link  http://portal.office365.com

Tickets opened on the EUI Helpdesk  will not be treated tomorrow, they will be assigned and processed only at the reopening of the Institute on Monday 11 December.

Concerning safety and security matters, security personnel are present in the control room at the Badia Fiesolana 24/7 and can be reached for any emergencies  at extension 2999, via the external number 055 4685-999  or by email to [email protected]

They are responsible for contacting relevant  technical assistance or EUI staff for any action that is deemed necessary.

For further information, please refer to the EUI Access Policy.