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EUI closure - Summer break

Posted on 23 July 2018

The EUI and the EUI Library will be closed for the 2018 summer holidays from Friday 3rd August to Saturday 18th August inclusive, and will reopen on Monday 20th August.  All entrances will be closed from Thursday 2nd August at 11.00 pm to Monday 20th August at 6.00 am.

During the closing period all EUI buildings, with the exception of the Badia, will be totally closed and EUI ID card readers will be deactivated.

Only the Badia  Fiesolana will continue to be accessible by using your EUI ID card: access to the Badia will be possible via the pedestrian entrance in the Church square, via Villa Sanfelice Gate, via the pedestrian gate of the connecting road between Villa Schifanoia and the Badia, and via the gate of the Badia Fiesolana car park (see map for off-hours access)

  • The Upper Cloister (28 working spaces equipped with 12 PCs), and the canteen area of the Badia (Wi-Fi connection available) will be accessible to all EUI researchers. All other areas (including administrative offices) will not be accessible unless specifically mentioned.
  • Cleaning services will be guaranteed in above mentioned spaces and in the nearby facilities. Air conditioning will be operational in these areas only (7-22  7/7) and a vending machine for hot/cold drinks and snacks will be available in the Upper Cloister.
  • All canteens and bars including the Badia Fiesolana will be closed.  We take this opportunity to remind you that from 30 July to 24 August inclusive only the Badia Canteen and Bar will be open.
  • The multi-function printers in the Common rooms (Upper Cloister and Bank Corridor) will be monitored remotely and technicians will intervene in case of blocking situations. For any problems, please contact the Control room (ext 2999).
  • For security reasons the REF Service reminds users to close the external shutters of windows before they leave for the summer break.
  • The Institute will not provide any assistance for watering office plants, so individuals should make their own provisions accordingly.
  • Please note that long-term parking requests for cars and motorbikes will be accepted only if submitted before Tuesday, 31 July  (Friday 27 July for bikes).

 The ICT Service would like to inform users that all systems relating to the web, internet, VPN and home directories will be monitored during the summer closure. The webmail service will always be accessible via  http://portal.office365.com

Regarding urgent logistic, security and safety matters, the REF Service reminds users that security staff are present in the control room at the Badia Fiesolana 24/7 and can be reached on the internal extension 2999, via the external number 055 4685-999  or by email to [email protected]; they are responsible for contacting relevant technical assistance or EUI staff for any action that is deemed necessary.

Please do not use the Helpdesk ticketing system for urgent matters, it won’t be checked during the closure. Tickets opened on the EUI helpdesk during the summer break will be treated and processed only when the Institute reopens on Monday 20th August, in case of emergencies please call the Control Room (ph. 055 4685999 – ext. 2999)

We thank you for your collaboration and we wish you all a very pleasant summer.

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