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New Canteen contract and provisions

Posted on 03 September 2019

This is to inform the EUI community that the open tender for the management of canteens, coffee bars and catering service for the European University Institute’s premises (OP/EUI/REFS/2019/003) has been awarded on 1 August 2019 to Villa Viviani Grandi Lavori SCRL: the new contract will enter into force on 1 September 2019 .

The technical specifications requested by the EUI in the tender can be read in detail at the following link:


However, we would like here to summarize and illustrate the main ‘novelties’ introduced with the new contract (either requested by the EUI in the technical specifications or offered by the company as further improvements) essentially concerning the Canteen service:

1)       Prices

-        Canteen prices have been indexed according to users’ income into three different categories (A,B,C, see below), on the basis of the solidarity redistribution principle:




Large menu

Medium menu

Small menu



full price

researchers' discounted  price

full price

researchers' discounted  price

full price

researchers' discounted  price











€ 8.15

€ 4.89







€ 8.45








Please note: the category is associated to your EUI ID Card: presenting the card upon payment is therefore essential, otherwise the maximum price (C category) will have to be charged.

Further information on the new price system is available at this link.

2)      Environmentally friendly provisions

-        Further reduction of plastic by supply of alternatives to water bottles;

-        Use of electric vehicles for meals transportation.

3)      Service modifications

-        On-site cook in Villa Salviati;

-       Combined “point” menu: dishes (first course, main course, side dishes, dessert…) are given from 1 to 4 points, users can combine them according to their personal choice in compliance with the different menu prices (Large Menu price = 6 to 7 points , Medium Menu price = 4 to 5 points, Small Menu price = 1 to 3 points). The value (points) of each course will be clearly displayed next to it;

-        Four-seasons menu: Fall (September, October, November), Winter (December, January, February), Spring (March, April, May), Summer (June, July, August). This will increase the use of seasonal produce;

-        Take-away ‘a la carte’ service at Villa il Poggiolo.

Most of the above mentioned provisions will enter into force with the new contract (2 September), some will be implemented in the upcoming months.