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Empirical Methods in Sustainable Banking

Programme Start Date




Applications are closed, stay tuned for updates.

  • The course will consist of 11 hours of lectures discussing applications in sustainable finance of the aforementioned methodologies.
  • There will be 4 hours of Stata session whereby key commands linked to these methodologies will be introduced.

Total course length: 15 hours.

  • MA in Finance/Economics and/or Environmental Science (a PhD would be an asset)
  • Prior knowledge required to be able to follow the course: Econometrics at a Master level
  • Technical equipment required (i.e. laptop and software): laptop / Stata

  • Difference-in-Differences (treatment versus control, parallel trends, intensity of treatment, managing the control sample)
  • Event Study Methodology
  • Heteroskedastic Models
  • Ordinary Least Squares in “Various Guises”
  • Randomized Experiments
  • Instrumentation, also with Historical Data
  • Saturation with Fixed Effects
  • Use of Interactive Terms
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