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Florence School of Transnational Governance

Mainstreaming Gender in EU Policymaking: Gender-responsive Budgeting

Programme Start Date



12, 17 and 18 November 2021

Delivery mode




Course by invitation only.

Programme Description

This training provides key theoretical elements, practical examples, and individual guidance to implement the instruments for gender-responsive budgeting. From evaluation into planning, the training provides participants with a set of tools and case studies relevant to the EU’s policy-making process, especially in the context of the new requirements set out in the EU’s Gender Equality Strategy, the Next Generation EU package, and the Multiannual Financial Framework. Academic experts and practitioners will guide the participants through the definition and application of the key tools: Gender Analysis, Gender-sensitive Data and Scoreboards and Gender-Responsive Budgets. Participants will also have the chance to bring in examples from their professional life and perform exercises on them under the guidance of the trainers. They will have the possibility to practice on items and examples of their choice, i.e. bringing-in tasks related to their daily work. They will be able to submit such examples to the trainers two weeks in advance of the training and address them with the trainers during the last day of training or in the two weeks following the end of the training.

This course was delivered in November and December 2021.


Themes / Areas

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