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About Open to Health (O2H)

The Project

The Project

“Open to Health (O2H) – Health Crises Resilience Certificate” is a university-based training network that delivers executive training in health governance and crisis resilience to actors of health governance with a primary focus on low- and middle-income countries. It opens a pathway to a post-graduate certificate including academic credit points (based on the European Credit Transfer System/ECTS).

The programme is funded by the Open Society University Network (OSUN) as part of the OSUN Global Public Health initiative, and is co-led by the EUI School of Transnational Governance and Universidad de los Andes, Bogotá, Colombia.


The COVID-19 pandemic is the latest wake-up call to improve the resilience of public health systems to crises. Over the past two decades, infectious disease, natural disasters, war and forced migration have highlighted the range of formidable challenges to which health systems have to respond. We also know the health challenges arising from a changing climate.

It is clearer today than ever before: managing public health emergencies requires a whole-of-society and whole-of-government approach, and there is a genuine need for systemic preparedness.

In the dynamic and interconnected environment in which health governance takes shape, O2H recognises – and caters to – the changing training needs at national, sub-national and global levels.

The Ambition

  1. To strengthen the professional knowledge base and competencies relevant for public health systems’ resilience and health governance.
  2.  To deliver a training that addresses needs across different governance areas and in different socio-economic and geographical settings.
  3. To create a global training network to contribute to building resilience against global crises, health equity, and population health and well-being.

Page last updated on 17/06/2022

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