The STG Initiative on Transnational Democracy


The EUI's hub for teaching and research on issues of democracy beyond the state.

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EUI-STG Democracy Forum

The Forum on Democratic Participation and the Future of Europe explore the range, promise and potential of citizen participation in Europe.

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Young EUI Democracy Forum

The youth branch of the EUI Democracy Forum contributes to the Forum’s work by providing an additional, younger, student-based perspective.

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European Narratives

This initiative gathers researchers working on narratives and modes of citizen engagement within the EU. It is run in cooperation with Oxford University’s research project, 'Europe’s stories'.

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Artificial Intelligence and Ethics

This project addresses the implications of Artificial Intelligence for democracy and the ethical implications that arise from the implementation of AI and digital technologies.

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National Parliaments

This group examines the role, efficiency and impact of national parliaments in the European integration process, beyond the geographical area of Europe focusing on a transnational level.

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EUI Blog

Transnational Democracy Blog

The Transnational Democracy Blog serves as a platform for reflection and debate on ways to innovate democracy beyond the state.


The initiative is open to anyone interested in contributing to its agenda from the broader EUI community, and beyond!

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