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EU mobilisation and party support

An analysis of EU issue voting in European countries

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07 December 2022

12:30 - 14:00 CET


Sala Triaria

Villa Schifanoia

Join Nicolò Conti as he presents his research in the sixth 2022-2023 EGPP Seminar Series.
In this seminar, I will focus on the impact of the EU party-voter distance on party support. To this goal, I focus on the party-voter dyad and I analyse patterns of EU issue voting in the European elections. I make use of a combination of data from CHES and EES to construct the distance measures. I show that voters are mobilised on the EU with EU party positions operating as a driving factor of the voting preferences of the electorate, and a differentiated impact on the pro-European and the Eurosceptic parties. Finally, I demonstrate that, in the EU countries, the EU conflict consistently contributed to determining the voting preferences of citizens and to aggregating election results. 
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