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Florence Young Citizens’ Forum

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25 March 2022

9:30 - 13:30 CET


Palazzo Buontalenti

Palazzo Buontalenti

Citizens' Forum for the Florentine youth, organised by Ponte Europa and the Young EUI Democracy Forum.

Drawing from the example of the Conference on the Future of Europe’s Panel II, Session III, hosted by the European University Institute in Florence in December 2021, Ponte Europa and the Young EUI Democracy Forum have programmed a citizens’ forum that engages with the local youth and voices their ideas on their own future.

Students from local high schools will meet in Palazzo Buontalenti to debate:

  • the role of the EU in the world,
  • the future of democratic participation,
  • what EU values and identities are to them.

In a great democratic experiment of collaborative self-governance, the students will explore the diversity of their peers’ perspectives and ultimately co-create recommendations for the EU institutions. Organised by researchers and students who specialise in the design of deliberative spaces, this democratic exercise seeks to propose alternative and more creative models of engaging with the opinions of youth on key social and political themes.


Young EUI Democracy Forum - [email protected] 

Ponte Europa – [email protected] 

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