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Travelling norms, practices, and institutions in transnational context

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03 April 2023

9:30 - 17:30 CEST



Badia Fiesolana

MWP Multidisciplinary Workshop

The workshop brings together early career researchers from different disciplines who have examined different aspects of travelling norms, practises, institutions, ideas, emotions (in a comprehensive sense) in distinct time and spaces. By bringing researchers who have engaged with a diverse set of topics on travelling norms, the workshop aims to create a space to reflect on the methods, theories, and findings from the different projects. In doing so, the overarching objective is to examine how can we study norms, practices, institutions, ideas that travel across nation/ societal boundaries, what are the challenges researchers face while studying them in different contexts and time, and how can we make sense of the variations in how the travelling norms (un)settle in new places.

This workshop will be chaired by Dr Nicola Palmer (Law, King’s College London), Dr Nina Reiners (University of Oslo), and Dr Or Rosenboim (History and Politics, City, University of London). 

The panelists are: Sapna Reheem (EUI MWP, LAW), Emma Kluge (EUI MWP, HEC), Paulina Dominik (EUI MWP, HEC), Arthur Duhé (EUI MWP, RSC), Deirdre Moore (EUI MWP, HEC), Gabriele Wadlig (EUI MWP, LAW), Guillaume Lancereau (EUI MWP, HEC), Carlos Antolín Rejón (History, Universidad Autónoma de Madrid).

See the workshop programme below for an overview of the topics discussed. We particularly encourage masters and PhD researchers to attend and participate in the final discussion session.

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