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The transformative effect of frontier science

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19 April 2023

9:00 - 10:15 CEST


Theatre (Badia) and Zoom

This lecture features President of the European Research Council (ERC), Professor Maria Leptin, who will discuss about the relationship between science and technology and the transformative effect these have had, and will continue to have, on our world.

In the discussion, Leptin will highlight the importance of understanding the way things are, which allows us to create new technologies that can change the way things are, as summarised by Francis Bacon's famous argument that "Nature can only be commanded by obeying her."

Leptin will emphasise the value of curiosity-driven research in all areas of academic research to achieve this understanding. She will argue that science can promote peace, prosperity, and security but this is not guaranteed as we have seen in the last century when technical and material progress did not lead to moral progress or an end to war. Professor Leptin will conclude that the world needs more transformative science, but one that is conducted ethically and with a sense of social responsibility.


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