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New international histories of decolonisation and the United Nations

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14 June 2023

10:00 - 15:00 CEST


Sala Belvedere

Villa Schifanoia

Organised by

This workshop will explore new research into international histories of decolonisation, with a focus on the United Nations. Bringing together academics and experts on both topics, the workshop will examine the various ways in which the UN facilitated and hindered decolonisation in the mid-twentieth century and demonstrate how colonial and neo-colonial behaviours persist in present times.

The workshop will consist of two panel discussions, both providing an opportunity for the invited academics to share their research through presentations, followed by a Q&A.

The first discussion will focus on three specific UN structures to better understand how different, often peripheral parts of the UN, dealt with decolonisation campaigns in the past. The second panel invites scholars who examine cases of ongoing colonisation, including the Rwenzururu Kingdom in western Uganda, West Papua and Palestine. This discussion will explore the international dimensions of decolonisation in the present, captivating not only historians but researchers and experts across the EUI who are interested in the UN from a variety of perspectives.

Please register in order to get a seat or the ZOOM link.


Emma Kluge (EUI)

Alessia Tortolini (University of Pisa/the Institute of Security and Global Affairs of Leiden University in The Hague)

Yusra Abdullahi (University of Leiden)

Alanna O Malley (University of Leiden)

Margot Tudor (University of Exeter)

Anne Irfan (University College London)

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