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Scholars at risk in the Social Sciences

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12 June 2023

9:00 - 18:45 CEST



Badia Fiesolana

Scholars at risk from the Social Sciences are invited to join this hybrid conference at the EUI to present their research, discuss challenges faced when conducting this research, and the related strategies to mitigate relevant threats.

Research on certain issues and under certain regimes continues to expose scholars to great risk, ranging from imprisonment and restrictions on movement to loss of position and expulsion from university. Scholars are often directly or indirectly silenced by such threats.

Beyond the impact on the personal well-being and safety of scholars, this also has important implications for the production of knowledge. Certain topics tend to be under-researched or researched primarily by non-native scholars and/or scholars based outside the country, which further silences native scholars who are deeply invested in these topics. This conference aims to provide a platform for scholars at risk to present their research, to discuss the challenges they face in doing a particular type of research and/or in particular contexts, and to discuss the strategies they have adopted to mitigate these threats.

We invite scholars (graduate students, postdocs, and faculty members) who are able to attend this conference in person. We especially encourage scholars whose research agendas are related to issues and/or contexts that may put researchers at risk.

Please note that registered participants are expected to attend in person and to follow the full program outlined in the agenda (see attached).

For any questions, please contact Magali Serra.

*We would like to acknowledge Raheel Dhattiwala's central contribution in the conference ideation and conceptualisation.


Charlotte Emily Florence Bufano (EUI)

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