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Vox and Frente Nacional

Examining historical patterns of support for the right and far-right in rural-agrarian municipalities in Spain

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23 May 2023

17:00 - 18:30 CEST



Badia Fiesolana

In the framework of the EUI Political Behaviour Colloquium, this seminar features a presentation by Rebeca González Antuña, Researcher at the EUI Department of Political and Social Sciences.

The determinants of the higher support for far-right parties have been at the heart of many recent studies, linking them mostly with economic factors and the consequences of the Great Recession. Nevertheless, little attention has been paid to cultural factors that have remained stable over time despite social, economic, and political structural changes. This is the case of historical variables that could explain why there could be a link between the support for far-right in municipalities in which Frente Nacional won the 1936 elections during the Second Spanish Republic and their support for VOX nowadays. 

Descriptive results seem to support the main hypothesis of the paper. The maintenance of traditional cultural values could explain the higher support for VOX in rural agrarian areas in Spain, making plausible the long-term patterns of geographical persistence in electoral behaviour. Qualitative results also support the hypothesis that through the inter-generational transmission of values, this link can be made.

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