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The EU’s response to Brexit. United and effective

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07 June 2023

12:30 - 14:00 CEST


Sala Triaria

Villa Schifanoia

Join this book presentation by Brigid Laffan and Stefan Telle at the thirteenth 2022-2023 EGPP seminar series event.
The book by Brigid Laffan and Stefan Telle is the first detailed analysis of how the EU responded to Brexit. It is an important reference point for future studies of the Brexit negotiations. The authors conducted in-depth interviews with key institutional players in Brussels and in several member states to document how the EU handled the first-ever exit of one of its members. The Brexit shock came at a time when the EU had barely recovered from the Euro crisis and was struggling to manage an unprecedented inflow of refugees. The immediate fear was that Brexit might be the final straw that broke the camel ’s back. Eurosceptics were jubilant, and Europhiles were distraught. In reality, the EU reacted to Brexit with resolve and a determination to protect the polity. The book argues that getting the process right was crucial. The EU mobilised its collective capacity to negotiate effectively and with one voice.
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