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Intelligence & Algorithms

The future of artificial intelligence in the light of intellectual property

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20 February 2024

16:00 - 17:30 CET



In a horizon where Artificial Intelligence (AI) redefines creativity and reshapes legal frameworks, this event focuses on its transformative influence over intellectual property. This discussion, organised by REDemocracIA/Chair AI&DEM, will address how AI challenges traditional notions of authorship and creation, emphasizing the balance between technological innovation and the protection of rights. Our aim is to deepen the dialogue on AI advancements, focusing on promoting practices that respect intellectual property and the dignity of human creativity in this constantly evolving digital age.

Just like technology, intellectual property is a cornerstone of innovation and creativity. Within the diverse context of Latin America and the EU, we explore the complex interplay between AI as a groundbreaking technology and the human elements that support it, highlighting both the opportunities and the ethical dilemmas presented by AI in the management and protection of intellectual property (IP).

The interplay between AI and intellectual property becomes even more pertinent in light of developments. For example, The New York Times recently sued OpenAI and Microsoft for copyright infringement, while at the same time affecting the source of income of songwriters.

This session is more than a conversation; it is a call to action for the ethical implementation of AI in intellectual property. We aim to foster a dialogue that not only addresses the challenges but also seizes the opportunities presented by AI. We will discuss potential future scenarios where AI is a tool for empowerment rather than rights usurpation. Moreover, we will debate current practices, fair compensation, and respect for the rights of creators in the AI era.

Join REDemocracIA in this timely conversation as we debate a future where AI equals ethical responsibility and that strikes balance between innovation and the rights of creators.


  • Andrés Guadamuz - Doctor and Professor of Intellectual Property Law, University of Sussex
  • Nerea Sanjuan Rodríguez - Director of the department of Culture, Entertainment and Sports at Andersen, Spain
  • Javier Pallero - Digital rights activist

Moderated by Lucía Bosoer, Chair AI & Democracy (STG/EUI).

Please note that this event will take place in Spanish.

To participate, please register.

For any further information about the initiative, please contact Marta Cantero Gamito and Lucía Bosoer.

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