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European elections, national repercussions

Analysing the 2024 European Parliament elections in Italy

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20 May 2024

18:00 - 19:00 CEST




Join the Robert Schuman Centre, CONGRIPS and SISP for a roundtable on EP Elections in Italy

The 2024 European Parliament elections are poised to be a pivotal moment in both the Italian and European political landscape. At the national level, as the first major electoral test for the governing coalition led by Giorgia Meloni, they will determine the solidity of the alliance between Fratelli d’Italia, La Lega and Forza Italia. They may also become the terrain for new forms of alliance between parties in opposition. At the European level, the elections will determine the new asset of the European Parliament and its political direction. The European Conservative and Reformists are already looked at as a central player in the reorientation of the European Parliament, providing Meloni with new opportunities to shape the EU agenda.

In this webinar, leading experts of Italian and European politics will discuss the significance of the European elections. They will also consider how the election results may influence the cohesion and dynamics of the governing coalition, and explore the avenues available to the opposition to challenge the government's performance and strategies. Finally, the broader implications of the Italian elections on the European Union will be examined, including their potential impact on key EU policies, alliances, and the balance of power within EU institutions.

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