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The (ongoing) crisis in US-China relations and implications for Europe

Competitive dynamics and the quest for European support

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16 April 2024

14:00 - 15:30 CEST


Sala Triaria

Villa Schifanoia

Join Neysun Mahboubi as he delves into the stabilised yet persistently competitive dynamics of US-China relations and their far-reaching implications for Europe.

Although by some measures the downturn in US-China relations has stabilised under the Biden administration, genuine improvement in the bilateral relationship appears unlikely in the near future, while more competitive and perhaps even confrontational dynamics seem to be solidifying.

Leading up to another US presidential election, which may heighten these dynamics yet further, what are the implications for European countries, and Europe as a whole, as both the US and China continue to seek to enlist European support for their respective positions (efforts which are now further complicated by the ongoing war in Ukraine)? Does any space remain for European interests and priorities to shape the contours of the US-China relationship in the coming years?

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