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Bridging the research-policy gap

Multistakeholder collaboration for effective engagement

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24 June 2024

13:00 - 14:00 CEST



This event, organised by the EUI Digital Transformations and Society interdisciplinary research cluster, aims to emphasise the critical importance of multistakeholder collaboration in bridging the gap between academia and policy making, facilitating informed decision-making grounded in robust evidence.

The rapid advancement of the digital age has revolutionized various facets of our society, necessitating a seamless integration of scholarly research and pragmatic policy expertise. The digitalisation and datafication of socioeconomic and political spheres present multifaceted challenges that require interdisciplinary approaches for comprehension and resolution.

This event aims at emphasising the critical importance of multistakeholder collaboration in connecting academic research with policy formulation, increasing the awareness of the potential of policy briefs as tools for translating interdisciplinary insights into actionable recommendations. It will also introduce the "EUI - SciencesPo Digital Economy Policy Briefs (PB) Series" as a means of fostering interdisciplinary dialogue and offering actionable policy recommendations. Finally, it will also identify opportunities for transdisciplinary collaboration to address pressing digitalisation-related challenges, including within the EUI's Digital transformations and Society Interdisciplinary Research Cluster.

This session is jointly organised by the EUI Digi Cluster and the SciencesPo Tech and Global Affairs Innovation Lab, reflecting a commitment to fostering collaboration across academic institutions and stakeholder groups in addressing contemporary societal challenges posed by digital transformation.

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