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4th lights on women scholarship | Call for applications

Eight scholarships to women contributing to innovative solutions, research, and initiatives for energy transition | Deadline for applications: 15 April 2022

11 March 2022 | Event


"In 2022, women are still largely underrepresented in the energy sector with only 22% of women reportedly employed in traditional energy industries like oil and gas and fewer women reaching senior management roles in the energy sector than in the broader economy." 

The Florence School of Regulation has now opened their 4th annual 'Lights on Women Scholarship' for all women in the fields of energy, climate and sustainability. This is a unique opportunity which offers flexibility, networking and enhanced learning. 

8 Scholarships available | Deadline for applications: 15 April 2022 

For more information about eligibility and application procedures please visit here.

Last update: 11 March 2022

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