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European University Institute

A transformative journey towards sustainable policy leadership

The European University Institute's (EUI) Global Executive Master blends excellence from all corners of the Institute. Apply now to join the first cohort of policy professionals leading the change. 

30 January 2024


In a world marked by rapid transformations, policy professionals are striving for skills to inspire and drive sustainable change around them. The European University Institute's (EUI) new Global Executive Master (GEM) is an advance degree in public policy designed to redefine executive education standards and empower policy practitioners to become agents of change.

What sets the EUI GEM apart? In addition to an outstanding curriculum, state-of-the-art learning facilities and a wealth of networking opportunities, the programme brings together expertise from the EUI’s scientific departments, its Robert Schuman Centre and its Florence School of Transnational Governance.

Setting new standards in executive education

Since its inaugural executive training course in 2004, the EUI has successfully trained over 23,000 professionals from approximately 160 nationalities in nearly 600 courses. It is this expertise that the new EUI GEM leverages by merging the academic and practical policy expertise from its Florence School of Transnational Governance and the Robert Schuman Centre, as well as the academic excellence in EUI Departments.

When announcing the new initiative back in June 2023, then EUI President Renaud Dehousse called the EUI GEM "the jewel in the EUI Executive Education crown, completing the vast array of training courses offered by the Institute."

"Our faculty consists of leading academics and experienced practitioners who have grappled with the complex challenges of the real world," emphasises EUI Dean of Executive Education Georgios Papakonstantinou, himself a former Greek finance minister. "Besides academic rigour, our professors and trainers provide a wealth of practical insights to ensure our participants are equipped with 'fit-for-purpose' leadership skills."

Moreover, EUI GEM participants will have the opportunity to establish professional and personal connections with fellow participants, and engage with members of the broader EUI community, including teaching staff, fellows and researchers.

A personalised learning journey

The EUI GEM stands out from other executive master programmes through its commitment to providing a personalised career development journey. The two-year, part-time format allows participants to integrate full-time work commitments with professional growth and peer exchange.

During the first year, EUI GEM participants take four core modules that will set the basis for a comprehensive understanding of the complex task of policymaking, and its interaction with government, the economy and global trends. In the second year, they have the possibility to select courses in one or more of four specialisations: energy and climate; economy and finance; tech and governance; and geopolitics and security.

These core and elective courses are complemented by intensive professional development modules and workshops aimed at enhancing skills in the critical areas of change management, project management, strategic foresight, leadership, negotiations, policy communications and media relations.

The blended programme structure enables professionals to study from wherever they are thanks to the state-of-the-art online learning and support tools. The 25 days in residence will be hosted at the Palazzo Buontalenti headquarters of the Florence School of Transnational Governance. The former Medici palace in the city centre of Florence boasts Renaissance art treasures that add a touch of cultural inspiration to the learning experience. A dedicated executive education centre at Palazzo Buontalenti will be inaugurated in September 2024 to welcome the first EUI GEM cohort.

Real-world impact: Beyond the classroom

The EUI GEM is not confined to the classrooms; it's about real-world problem-solving. Through their final capstone project, participants will address actual policy challenges faced by an organisation, including their own, proposing solutions based on original research under the guidance of the organisations concerned and EUI faculty.

The programme also includes thematic executive study visits for in-depth insights and first-hand practical experience. Participants attend the EUI State of the Union Conference in Florence, a flagship event that brings together global leaders to reflect on the most pressing issues of the European agenda. EUI GEM participants will also explore the role of strategic foresight in EU institutions' policy planning through an executive study visit to Brussels, complemented by dedicated training sessions and networking opportunities. A final Global Challenge study visit aims to encourage participants to engage with local policy stakeholders. Participation is on a voluntary basis and the destination is to be confirmed.

Join the learning revolution: application details

The EUI GEM is designed for professionals with a bachelor’s degree and typically seven years of work experience. Applications are open, with a time-limited opportunity for a 10% reduction on the full tuition fee for those applying by 31 January 2024. The application window extends until 15 May 2024.

While participants are expected to be self-funded or funded by their employers, the EUI recognises the financial challenges some may face. Selected financial support is therefore offered in the form of fee waivers or full scholarships from a variety of sources. An example is four full fee-waivers offered by the European Media and Information Fund to participants who will specialise in digital governance issues.

The EUI GEM promises not just a programme but a transformative journey towards sustainable policy leadership. Visit the EUI Global Executive Master website or connect with the dedicated team for more information.

Last update: 24 June 2024

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