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Across Borders: STG master’s students tackle global migration in latest podcast

Five episodes, ten students and a mission: share the complexities of global migration.

21 April 2022 | Podcast


'Across Borders: How Global Migration Works' is a podcast realised by students of the Master in Transnational Governance in collaboration with the EUI’s Migration Policy Centre. The five-part series sees students and prominent experts analyse the complexities of global migration, such as the Central Mediterranean route, Brexit, the media, the impact of gender on the experiences of refugees and how migrants can become pawns in international politics.

Students were supervised by Dr Lorenzo Piccoli, as part of the 'Global Migration Politics' course. "In the seminar, students were invited to act as bridges between current debates and academic theories" Dr Piccoli said, stressing the importance of developing the students’ communication skills for their future careers. The project featured interviews by many EUI academics, with students working with STG staff to technically produce the episodes.

For Hala Ahmad, who produced the third episode with fellow student Ingerid Bratz, the podcast allowed her to highlight the 2021 crisis the border between Belarus and Poland. "The podcast was a platform to make the voices of migrants heard, even if it is just a small contribution" she says.

You can listen to Across Borders: How Global Migration Works on SoundCloud.

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