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What is the 'Banking Union' | María Del Carmen Sandoval Velasco

Being a key component of the EU's Economic and Monetary Union, the Banking Union was created ten years ago as a response to the global financial crisis. How does it work? And does it lead to more financial stability? Research Associate María Del Carmen Sandoval Velasco explains in this Schuman Short.

15 January 2024 | Research - Video

"The financial crises of the past decades exposed important problems in the EU's economic and financial governance architecture", underlines María Del Carmen Sandoval Velasco in this Schuman Short. She explains what problems the Banking Union tried to solve and what challenges it is currently facing, while also giving an overview of the Banking Union's structure.

María Del Carmen Sandoval Velasco is a Research Associate at the Florence School of Banking and Finance. Learn more about the EU's financial integration through her co-authored working paper 'Thirty years after Maastricht: financial integration in the European Union.'

Last update: 15 January 2024

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