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Business and International Order | Call for papers

Organised by the ERC-funded project ECOINT, the ‘Business and International Order’ workshop will examine the interactions of business circles with international organisations, in order to better understand the practice of 20th century international economic thinking | Deadline to apply: 1 September 2022

26 May 2022 | Event

event participants writing

From the 27 to 28 October 2022, ECOINT (Twentieth Century International Economic Thinking) will host an interesting workshop together with Glenda Sluga and Guilherme Sampaio focusing on the history of the 20th century international economic thinking, exploring business actors and their undertaking of various key roles.

The workshop will cover a wide-range of topics which include: 

  • Business actors and international organisations
  • International economic bureaucracies
  • Political economic activism and the international
  • Imperial designs and international business organisations
  • Economic norms and the practice of international economic thinking
  • Religion and international business circles

There is now an open call for papers. If interested, please submit proposals and CV to Guilherme Sampaio by 1 September 2022 at [email protected]

Further details:

  • proposals should be maximum 1 page in length
  • CV should be maximum 1 page in length 

For more information on the workshop and please click here.

Last update: 26 May 2022

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