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Max Weber Programme for Postdoctoral Studies

Call for papers | From Global to Local and Back: Untangling 'Glocal Governance'

The Max Weber Programme is hosting the multidisciplinary research workshop 'From Global to Local and Back: Untangling 'Glocal Governance'', taking place at the EUI and online on 22 June 2023.

23 May 2023 | Event


In recent years, the concept of glocal governance has become a useful tool for describing the increasing interaction between global and local levels of governing. Used by practitioners and academics, the glocal signifies a governing space in which global norms and actors influence local legal and political processes and in which local agency and autonomy impact the global governance discourse.

This multidisciplinary workshop aims to engage with a variety of different empirical examples of public and private fields of governance in which one can observe the rise of the glocal. This will allow to gauge the extent and variety of the phenomenon. Additionally, it will be an occasion to explore glocal governance through different theoretical approaches, including legal and political sciences, sociology, development studies and others. In addition to looking at how glocal governance functions, this workshop will examine what it is used for.

This hybrid workshop is aimed at academics interested in local governance, global governance, and their interactions, with a particular focus on the following themes:

  • How can we historically contextualize the concept of glocal governance?
  • In what ways is glocal governance transformative?
  • What changes does glocal governance bring to the flow of global norms and standards?
  • Does it minimise/reduce the role of the national level of governance?
  • Is this process disrupting the traditional administrative structures?
  • What kind of political agency arises in a glocal governance space?
  • What kind of a role does the local agency have in international institutional fora?
  • Which actors should be responsible for glocal governance?
  • How do emerging technologies enable and/or constrain glocal governance?
  • Does glocal governance also shift the boundaries between the public and the private?

Find more information on the call for papers here.

Please submit your abstract (max 350 words) by 31 May 2023 on a topic related to any of the above-mentioned themes via email, specifying your name in the file title. Please also include a short biography of 70-100 words.

Last update: 23 May 2023

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